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One Year Anniversary WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM. Bexley, Ohio

Friday was the one-year anniversary of regular broadcasts of WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM. The FCC issued the broadcast license to Bexley Public Radio Foundation and WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM began regular broadcasts on March 21, 2007. The foundation was formed in April 2000 to establish a community radio service for the Bexley area. No celebration or other festivities were schedule by the foundation because the radio station anniversary coincided with the solemn commemoration of Good Friday.

Highlights of the first broadcast year for WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM include:

"The Paw Paw Report" on Amy Maurer's Noontime Gardener Report. This feature reported the growth of Paw Paw fruit in Amy's yard from bud and blossom to harvest and baking the fruit into a pie.

Culture correspondent reports from Joanna Tornes in Alaska, Paul Peltier in New Hampshire and David Schwenker in West Virginia.

Other reports came from Cynthia Rosi, briefly the senior reporter for Bexley Public Radio, and also from the ever peripatetic Eugene Beer on a western Ohio bicycle trek and a trip to New England.

Shahyan Ahmed's live report from Karachi, Pakistan during the riots following the December 27 assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The report was aired as a live call-in from Karachi during the Joe Contino Show.

Kate Buckley's summer reading of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

Throughout the year, John Manning, station manager, was the regular host of weather and astronomical information from the Old Farmer's Almanac. Additionally, he and Katy Taylor interviewed Capital University professor Reg Dyck about a Gerhold lecture series speaker.

To measure local economic conditions, WCRX-LP developed the Bexley Consumer Price Index. Laura Franks did the organizational and analytical work for this measure of retail prices in Bexley. She also wrote the report for the Bexley CPI as to prices for the fourth quarter 2007 and first quarter 2008.

Stock broker Frank Ingwerson gave regular Monday though Thursday Wall Street updates. Chris Johns also assisted Frank in these reports. On Fridays, investment advisor Kevin Kale gave "end of the the week" overview on Wall Street activity.

With a refreshing breath of cynicism, the editorial page of WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM was sold to the highest bidders at charity auctions conducted to benefit the St. Catharine parish, Columbus School for Girls and Temple Beth Shalom.

The WCRX-LP community calendar, for most of the year read by Leah Edmondson, featured information on more than five hundred Bexley area cultural events. Additional calendar items were provided by Carol Betts of Bexley United Methodist Church and Laura Franks of Christ Lutheran Church. Kris Galloway of the Jewish Community Center of Central Ohio developed and produced a regular feature about upcoming events at the JCC.

A certificate of deposit interest rate report from the eight banks of the Bexley Financial District was developed. For the final six weeks of the first year of broadcast, the report was read by Jack Schultz with production assistance from Ron Allan of Big Voice Productions.

Kurt Weiland produced a regular report on the auction marketplace. The report covered charity auctions, estate and consignment auctions, and auctions conducted to benefit public agencies or ordered by public agencies. Knowledgeable Bexley residents, such as Tony Dunleavy of the Bexley boutique "Etc." provided comment on various lots offered for sale at auction.

During February, black history month, Kurt's report included extended coverage of an important auction sale at Swann Galleries in New York City. The sale included major works by African-American artists. Selected auction lots included works by such important American masters as Jacob Lawrence, Hartwell Yeargans, Aaron Douglas, Elizabeth Catlett, Faith Ringgold, Hale Woodruff and Henry Ossawa Tanner.

Throughout the year, local news reports were provided Bexley News, The New Standard, Eastside Messenger, The Catholic Times and the Bexley High School Torch.

In October, WCRX-LP recorded and rebroadcast several times, the mayoral candidates forum organized by the Bexley area chamber of commerce and held at the Bexley public library. Interviews of elected officials during the year included Representative Jim McGreger of the Ohio House of Representatives and Bexley City Councilmen Ben Kessler and Matt Lampke.

Sophisticated reports on Bexley area sports were provided by Brian Inglis of Bexley News on the Joe Contino Show.

Students who received broadcast experience behind the microphones at WCRX-LP included Abby Margulies, Jack Shultz, Jared Margulies, Lucy Frecchia, Molly Margulies, Robert Morse, Tim Nassau, Victoria Chou and Zachary Fries.

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