Monday, April 23, 2012

Obsolete Bexley Sidewalks

Does Bexley need sidewalks?

Most mornings, I leave for the office at 7:00 a.m., sometimes even 6:30 a.m.

A regular thought that comes to my mind is whether modern Bexley still needs sidewalks.  Imagine what life in Bexley might be like without sidewalks.

The morning joggers and walkers who populate the streets at that time in the morning don't use sidewalks.

Even mothers with their infants in strollers are in the streets.

I look at the empty sidewalks every morning on my drive to work.  Me, my automobile and these pedestrians safely cohabit the Bexley streets and have no need for the sidewalks.  Joggers and mothers with strollers have taught us we do not need sidewalks.

Sidewalks are redundant. Sidewalks are obsolete civil engineering.  

What happens if sidewalks are abandoned?

First, the aesthetics of this little city will gain. Imagine green grass instead of white and gray concrete.

Second, the costs of sidewalk repairs and maintenance will vanish from the municipal budget.  I seem to recall that sometime in the near future, sidewalk expenses will become charges billed to Bexley property owners.  If we get rid of the sidewalks, those looming charges won't threaten household budgets.

Removing sidewalks will also create certain environmental benefits.  Concrete sidewalks are heat magnets during Summer months and, together with street pavement, are the city's major contribution to global warming.

Instead of the swaths of concrete that absorb the sun's heat, grass walkways and paths will dissipates the heat.

Packaged properly, the removal of Bexley sidewalks can generate valuable carbon credits for either the municipal government or individual property owners.

Finally, when sidewalks are removed, children and adults will no longer trip on sidewalk cracks or on the those horrible red-nubby squares at the corner ramps.

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1 comment:

bobrobboy said...

I want to believe that this is either intended to be ironic or baiting, but if the position is neither then it must be challenged.

Turn signals on cars are used less frequently than they should be, but who would advocate for removing them as a standard feature.

Sidewalks improve the livability of the community. Sidewalks are a strong reminder that people live here. Not cars.

I too am surprised by the number of people who use the streets instead of the sidewalk for exercising. Address that safety issue if it really is a concern.