Thursday, August 15, 2013

Listener comments, college football deaths

The J. Peterman Company is a vendor of women and men's clothing.  The company  has retail and mail order facilities in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Their current mail order catalog is listed as Early Fall 2013, Owner’s Manual No. 109.   

The catalog offers vintage (early Twentieth Century) football jerseys in paired colors of navy-maize or green-gold. 

The catalog also notes that in 1905, 18 football players died from injuries and brutal play.

This death-toll captured the attention of then Whitehouse incumbent Teddy Roosevelt, Congress, press and college administrators.

To get the flavor of football in 1905, Google “college football deaths 1905.”

Bexley Public Radio listeners:  have you ever heard these football mortality statistics before?  Has college football changed since 1905?

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