Friday, January 9, 2015

Final call. Community Programing Advisory Committee survey of residents.

The 2014 survey of residents programming preferences was distributed on December 18 and 19, 2014.   The survey form was delivered to one hundred sixty five addresses in south Bexley and central Bexley.

Deadline for being included in the tabulation of programming preferences is February 28.

Postage-paid return envelopes were included in the survey distribution.

Residents who wish to be included in the survey, can request a copy of a blank form by calling the station at 235-2929.

A survey report by the Community Programming Advisory Committee will be available after April 15, 2015.  Pre-publication, the report can be purchased for $38.  After April 15, 2015, the price of the report is $52.

Order the report from:

Bexley Public Radio  Foundation
2700 E Main St Studio 208
Columbus, OH  43209

Voice (614) 235-2929.

Pay Pal account on this blog may also be used to order the report.

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