Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dublin, Ohio. Agent of Change.

The summer intern at WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM, Local Power Radio is Victoria Chao.

She is a college senior. Witty. Critical. Great on-air voice.

Not cynical at all. Simply witty. (Forgive that one Marilyn Welker.)

What the WCRX-LP Editorial Collective liked initially about Victoria is that she is a "hand-me-down" intern. But, that is another story.

Some blog readers will have noticed that this blog is named "Agent of Currency." All of the current members of the Editorial Collective are progressives (well, one might not fit that category). For the progressives, the antiquated "Agent of Change" is hardly a moniker that we find comfortable or appropriate to our public and self-images.

Currency is much more descriptive of our self-image.

And in the course of a day, whatever pocket change we get ends up in the hands of the "will work for change" beggers at Livingston Avenue and Alum Creek Drive.

But all of the Editorial Collective members are also adults, parents and some even senior citizens. Antiquated activists. Antedeluvian rebels. Ancient revolutionaries. If we are honest, even the phrase "agent of currency" is hardly a label that yet another generation will find comfortable to wear.

When the label "agent of change" was used by one of our recent radio guests (from Berkeley, of course), the contrast with "agent of currency" was made.

And, more significantly, Victoria Chao offered a label for her generation as "Agent of Credit." A simple riposte, and yet, it made all of us current progressives aware that the torch of wit has passed to the next generation.

For readers of this blog, the unanswered question is whether Victoria wants credit from us or whether she is offering credit to us.

Thanks for your work this summer at WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM, Local Power Radio. Is this sufficient credit for you, Victoria???

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