Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bexley, Ohio. A Puzzle and the Ivy Walls of Bexley Residences.

The charm of many Bexley residences is their ivy walls. Garden walls. Boundary walls. The walls of houses. Arbor entries shaded by thick green tangles of ivy. All is hidden, all is shaded by the vines and their lush green leaves.

The geometry of our houses is softened by this plant. Sometimes these green leaves completely erase straight lines. The cold right angles of our dwellings disappear.

Ivy always seems lushest on eastern walls. The morning sun must give special help to make these east-looking ivys flourish.

Does ivy cool the building it shelters? Is it environmentally friendly?

To me the puzzle of ivy is why it doesn't grow on the skyscrapers of the central cities.

Imagine, the Sears Tower in Chicago covered in ivy. The downtown winds of that city rustling the green leaves.

Then harsher winds shaking the vines. Spring storms and autumn rains: What effect might the wind and rain have on ivy clinging to the walls of the Sears Tower.

How high would ivy grow on the Sears Tower. If left alone, what floor would it grow to. If cultivated, would the ivy grow higher? Or lower? Not at all?

What if the ivy will only grow on the eastside of the Sears Tower? As it should.

Would the architect approve? Skidmore Owings & Merrill. Did SOM even consider the possibility of ivy growing up the eastside of the Sears Tower.

This is a puzzle to present to WCRX-LP landscape designer, Amy Maurer. When she begins to consider gardening topics for autumn and winter.

The WCRX-LP Editorial Collective will offer this idea to Amy Maurer.

WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM, Local Power Radio with ivy growing up its antenna tower.

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