Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7, 2008. Bexley, Ohio. Bexley High School senior Timothy Nassau radio broadcast intern at WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM

Bexley High School senior Timothy Nassau completed his senior project as radio broadcast intern with WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM.

His work for Bexley Public Radio Foundation radio station included administrative assignments, production work and on-air live radio performance.

An example of Nassau's administrative work is a grant proposal that he wrote and submitted to the Bexley Education Foundation. The proposal is to purchase digital sound recorders for the high school library. If the grant is awarded, students can use the recorders for radio production at WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM.

Nassau also acted as substitute host for The John Manning Show and The Joe Contino Show where he performed both unscripted and scripted material.

Production assignments included important interviews with public officials and reports on quotidian matters.

Nassau conducted an interview with Bexley city councilman Ben Kessler. A major portion of the interview covered the councilman’s work to make public access to municipal government information much easier.

Nassau also produced a memorable interview with Mayor John Brennan on the new mayor’s first one hundred days in office.

Other Nassau productions included an interview with the proprietor of Charms, a new retail children clothing shop in downtown Bexley and also gathering the menu details for the WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM daily lunch special report on the principal Bexley restaurants and lunch spots.

On a daily basis, the Bexley High School senior also read the weather forecasts prepared for Bexley by the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Nassau’s weather reports were broadcast live and un-rehearsed.

During his live program hosting, Nassau experimented with ad lib commentary and humor. By the end of his senior project, his repartee and wit were much improved by the example set by other program hosts and station management.

Nassau will be attending Brown University in the coming autumn.

His work at the Bexley Public Radio Foundation radio station is much appreciated.

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