Saturday, June 14, 2008

Schwenker continues discussion of art manifesto.

Saturday June 14, 2008.  Huntington, West Virginia.  David Schwenker, WCRX-LP culture correspondent continues discussion of obscure art movement document.

He received the manifesto in an unsigned piece of mail.  In the year since receiving the paper, he has attempted to locate representatives of the art movement.  To no avail.  The text of the document of concern is here reproduced. 

May 6, 2007
Atelier Sans Domicile Fixe
Will Work for Food Manifesto

To all of the Homeless: Rise up and breakfast. Smell the coffee.

To all the Destitute: Cash is near. Cash is on the way.

The Ten Core Principles of Atelier Sans Domicile Fixe.

The First.
Reaffirm the dignity of the homeless and the destitute.

The Second.
Help the homeless count loose change.

The Third.
Food is a political weapon. Cash is the ammunition of the war waged by Republicans.

The Fourth.
For the Man, Fast Food is a Weapon of Mass Destruction used against the Poor. It is only one of their weapons.

The Fifth.
Teach prostitutes new skills.

The Sixth.
Teach prostitutes skills useful in the next Republican administration in Washington D.C.

The Seventh.
Orthography is political.

The Eighth.
Global warming is the “Roast Cause” of homelessness except in Los Angeles. Global warming in Los Angeles is “The Coast Roast” of homelessness and drug addiction. The Electric Utilities have done this to the homeless.

The Ninth.
America is the absentee landlord denying Universal Human Rights to the homeless. Bush and Chaney are the clerks of the absentee landlord.

The Tenth.
Unacceptable Human Rights. Meet the destitute in front of the United Nations.


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