Friday, January 9, 2009

Financial support for Ohio Majority Radio

Progressive radio is alive and kicking in central Ohio.

The problem is that, with rare exception in Columbus, progressive radio is alive but not broadcasting very much.

The idea of progressive radio is kept alive in Columbus by a committed cadre of individuals who meet under the banner of Ohio Majority Radio.

At a meeting on Thursday evening, Russ Childers, Dave Daulton, Debbie Roberts and five other individuals participated in a discussion of options to bring more progressive programming to central Ohio.

Eugene Beer attended the meeting representing Simply Living’s radio station WCRS-LP. Also at the meeting was Kurt Weiland representing Bexley Public Radio Foundation’s radio station WCRX-LP.

WCRS-LP and WCRX-LP, two local time-sharing community radio stations, are both Pacifica Foundation affiliates.

These two stations are the only LPFM broadcasters licensed by the FCC in a top-fifty American radio market.

WCRX-LP is a community radio station operated by Bexley Public Radio Foundation. It broadcasts programs that reflect the complexity of that community and surrounding neighborhoods.

WCRS-LP is the broadcast operation of Simply Living and offers programming that includes such progressive exemplars as Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now.

Beyond community radio, central Ohio media has pressed the mute button on progressive content.

The Thursday evening meeting began with Russ Childers presenting an overview of the recent history of progressive radio in the Columbus metropolitan area. Dave Daulton and Debbie Roberts offered commentary and additional insight on this history. The discussion covered organizational options and financial needs for an independent progressive radio station. Legal and accounting advice were discussed.

Financial needs and identifying funding sources for Ohio Majority Radio was also discussed.

The availability of progressive programming and the expenses related to the programming were discussed. Examples of programming that received extended attention included shows of Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann.

Hartmann is a New York Times best-selling author. For the last six years he has hosted a national daily progressive radio talk show.

Schultz’s program is distributed through affiliates by satellite and also by the Armed Forces Radio Network. He is also seen as a guest on CNN, Hardball, The O'Reilly Factor, Lou Dobbs, The Situation Room, American Morning and Morning Joe.

Shultz has won three Eric Sevareid Awards and other professional radio honors. As a college football player, Shultz was awarded All-American status. He is a hunter, fisherman and is licensed as a pilot.

Eugene Beer and Kurt Weiland made brief presentations on the arrangements that are necessary to bring the Thom Hartmann program to central Ohio through the broadcast licenses of WCRS-LP and WCRX-LP.

The Ohio Majority Radio meeting was held at the East Broad offices of The Free Press.

If you are interested in progressive programming contact Ohio Majority Radio at

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