Friday, April 17, 2009

Chuck Gehring: Lifecare Alliance April update

Chuck Gehring, CEO of Lifecare Alliance made his regular visit to the WCRX-LP radio studio. He began his report on programs and services at Lifecare Alliance by commenting on the change of seasons. The pleasures of Spring are enjoyed by Lifecare Alliance clients, volunteers and staff.


He Gehring informed listeners that there is a need for unused and obsolete cell phones that people no longer use. All cell phones are programmed so that 911 calls can still be made on a cell phone even if a specific customer account has been closed. The old cell phones can be used for personal safety of clients and are a suitable no-cost alternative to emergency phone services costing twenty or thirty dollars a month. Lifecare Alliance accepts donations of old cell phones, cleans them and gives them to clients who have a potential need for emergency contact with 911.


Gehring then discussed services that are offered to cancer patients and individuals with AIDS. A full array of services are available through Lifecare Alliance. The Columbus Cancer Clinic and the Project Open Hand are chiefly identified with Lifecare Alliance cancer and AIDS services.

A profile of some of the clients receiving services through Lifecare Alliance programs is people who have lost their jobs and benefits, who cannot pay for food and medicine, who no longer have the ability to maintain their residences and support their dependents. Sometimes they are facing a year of chemo and other therapy. The treatment is usually debilitating. Travel to medical services is difficult.

Lifecare Alliance can offer meal delivery, pantry assistance, transportation and personal appearances services. A simple objective for the array of services offered by Lifecare Alliance is stabilizing home life and keeping these individuals and their dependents out of homeless shelters

Mammogram and other testing is available from Lifecare Alliance mobile clinics.

Gehring discussed how people commonly delay contact with his agency. For whatever reasons, they delay asking for services. A common pattern that he sees is when the first contact is a “panic contact.” A senior citizen falls; the out of town adult child visits to help during recuperation and first realizes the difficulties the parent has been facing in daily life.


Gehring also discussed the continuing problems of job lay-offs, limited employment opportunities, tight public budgets, and reduced charitable donations.

The federal stimulus legislation is important in addressing these problems. He said that Lifecare Alliance has submitted seven proposals for program funding under the stimulus legislation. He also cautioned that there is a lot of competition for the limited funding. He said that there are already twenty-two thousand funding requests from central Ohio.

Gehring said that implementing the stimulus legislation has not begun. It is not clear who will be making decisions on which proposals are acceptable.

Listeners who are interested in particular issues should pay attention to developments. They should write letters of support to their senators and representatives and, once the administrative decision-makers are identified letters of support should be addressed to them too.

Detailed information is available at the websites of the members of the Ohio Congressional delegation. For Bexley residents he listed the websites for Representatives Tiberi and Mary Jo Kilroy and Senators George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown.
As an additional way to get a lot of detailed information on the stimulus legislation, Gehring reminded listeners to simply google the two words “federal stimulus.”


Gehring said that he has learned that some high school seniors are inviting senior citizens to proms. Dancing is a simple pleasure that many seniors enjoy. Even without dancing, participating in a formal party is a pleasure that can be enjoyed.

He also reminded listeners that Spring is the start of baseball season. Seniors always welcome visits to the baseball parks. And this year, the Clippers have the new Huntington stadium. If someone has unused baseball tickets, think of a neighbor, a senior citizen who might enjoy a night out at the ball park. Chuck also said that if any baseball tickets are donated to Lifecare Alliance, the tickets will be provided to deserving fans for a day at the ball park.



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You should include telephone number so I don't have to look it up to find it.

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Lifecare Alliance telephone number is
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