Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dianne Garrett interviews author Gina D’Andrea

Author Gina McKnight D’Andrea is interviewed by Bexley Public Radio correspondent Dianne Garrett. D'Andrea's children book
The Blackberry Patch was recently published by Tate Publishing of Mustang, Oklahoma.

"The Blackberry Patch is the story of an adventure in a patch of blackberries! illustrations throughout will capture the attention of adults and children and carry the story to its sweet and tasty conclusion.

Drawing on her own childhood experience, D'Andrea tells a story of the pleasures given in God's world.

The enjoyment of five senses is part of the tale along with the natural hazards of brambles and other dangers. The metaphors are subtle but provide substance for adult reflections about this tale.

D'Andrea spent her childhood in the Ohio foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Her knowledge of the details of a blackberry patch will give readers, children and adults alike, a well-told story. The story also hands down to a younger generation useful knowledge and the yore of rural life. If Gina continues this tale as the first of a series (Strawberry patch, Raspberry patch, Mushroons and so on) she can become the Foxfire series for children.

Join author Gina McKnight D'Andrea and learn how all five senses are engaged in the blackberry patch. On this hazardous quest through brambles and swarming varmints, find the blackberry patch and a delicious, natural treat.

The book is available from the publisher and It can also be ordered through Barnes & Noble and Borders. It is
24 pages - $8.99 (paperback).

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