Friday, September 18, 2009

Laura Franks reports Bexley CPI for Third Quarter, 2009

This is Laura Franks reporting the Bexley Consumer Price Index for the Third Quarter, 2009.

The Bexley CPI reports on the aggregate prices paid for a uniform basket of merchandise purchased at retail in Bexley and nearby retail stores.

The Bexley CPI measures the change of prices for typical retail purchases made by Bexley residents.

The Bexley Consumer Price Index can be compared to the price changes reported by the Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. The comparison can provide useful information for Bexley consumers about local price changes compared to price changes in other parts of the United States.

As of the third quarter, 2009 compared to the second quarter, 2009, Bexley prices showed a marked increase of 14%. This increase is attributable to two factors. Two items that were previously marked down, one 44% and the other 29%, were returned to their pre-sale cost.
In addition, for the first time since the firstt quarter 2008 none of the items in our market basket were discounted. The result is the highest total cost we’ve seen since the inception of the Bexley CPI in October 2007.

Even though this is the most significant increase in prices for our market basket for 2009, I still conclude that it is always nice to live in Bexley.

This is Laura Franks for the WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM Bexley Consumer Price Index Report.

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