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Feng Shui and the art of listening to Bexley Public Radio.

Car radios receive the WCRX-LP signal everywhere within the I-270 circle of concrete that surrounds metropolitan Columbus.

Inside houses and buildings, listeners complain about reception problems. And even no reception at all.

The usual advice for solving these problems is to buy a better radio.

Other solutions that listeners have used include adjusting the lay of the AC power cord attached to the radio. If the radio has an extension antenna, adjusting the antenna and the body of the radio also provide possible solutions.

In addition to these solutions, Lee Edmondson offers a unique approach to reception problems she experienced in her Bexley residence.

Lee’s solution is to apply principles of feng shui to connecting to Bexley Public Radio.

Lee lives near Alum Creek in Bexley and had difficulty receiving the WCRX-LP signal in her residence.

Lee is familiar with feng shui principles and decided to apply them in positioning her radio for receiving Bexley Public Radio.

She began by unplugging her radio and setting it near the center of her residence.

She then relaxed in the approximate center of her first floor and near the radio.

After achieving a calmness and becoming aware of her surroundings she concentrated on her purpose in applying feng shui.

This seemingly simple task turned out to be the most difficult part of the Lee’s exercise.

Her purpose was more than receiving an electronic signal from a distant transmitter and antenna.

As Lee relaxed and focused her mind, the list of purposes grew. Hearing the voices of friends, hearing information on local events in her neighborhood. Listening to lunch specials at Bexley lunch spots. Arranging her tasks according to cultural events scheduled near her residence. Distraction from vexatious problems. Relaxation. All these purposes came to her mind.

During this initial process, the complexity of Lee’s purposes began to resolve itself into Lee’s recognition of Ch’i.

She continued this exercise by making a mental inventory of the objects in her residence. She observed them in relationship to the geometric planes of her rooms and hallways.

She also noted the moveable objects in her yard. And, the living fixed objects, trees, shrubs and grasses were also noted.

Her awareness of stationary objects, the buildings, sidewalks, driveways and curbs, were tinctured with an understanding of their ages, purposes and condition.

Lee concentrated on each of these objects, those inside and outside. She made mental notes as to how the objects helped her achieve purposes that were connected to why she wanted to receive the Bexley Public Radio signal.

This exercise resulted in Lee identifying several objects in her house that were no longer needed and she gave them away. In particular, she understood that a table was a major impediment to receiving the Bexley Public Radio signal. She gave the table away. A simple, very ordinary charitable gesture.

Lee then moved to each of the major entrances to her first floor. At each of the doors and windows, she relaxed and concentrated on her purposes.

She also moved her location and concentration to the major openings on her second floor.

From this exercise she identified locations that were conducive to her purpose. And Lee experimented, plugging the radio into locations that were compatible with her identification of Ch’i. Her north wall parallels East Main Street was important in its relationship to Ch'i. The microwave, whether working or not, was a major impediment. A ficus tree was very compatible with Ch'i. Her plug-in clean scent was compatible with Ch'i and the aroma was helpful in Lea's mental efforts.

Outside, Lee made a concentrated effort to identify the contours of the land in her neighborhood. She also developed an awareness of the dominance of nearby Alum Creek in relation to Ch’i.

Lee began this process in late summer '08 after the Summer Equinox and continued the process until the Winter Solstice, making adjustments to the location of objects inside and outside her residence.

This exercise of feng shui has been successful and Lee receives Bexley Public Radio on her home radio.

The reception is still imperfect but it is real and helps Lee achieve her purposes in listening to Bexley Public Radio.


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