Monday, July 26, 2010

Update No. 4: Bexley Public Radio time share negotiations

By letter dated July 22 and received by BPRF on July 26, 2010, SL declined to negotiate with ADJ as a representative of BPRF.

SL said that it is “committed to defining a collaborative relationship between WCRX and WCRS, one in which both licensees collaborate in sharing the frequency and the 24/7 clock.”

SL also wrote that “we reject BPRF’s proposed time share split per the letter dated June 15…”

BPRF observation: SL now wants to define a "collaborative relationship." Any dictionary definition of "collaborative relationship" is acceptable to BPRF.

SL has already made agreements with BPRF that, in sum, are an existing collaborative relationship.

BPRF has been collaborating with SL since 2003.

In the seven years since 2003, BPRF has made several agreements with SL.

Most importantly, BPRF has signed a timeshare agreement with SL.

SL and BPRF have made three oral agreements as to operations (refer all general press inquiries to Professor Koch at Capital University, no funding source piracy, and coordination of all press releases). BPRF has abided by these oral agreements.

Through its three years use of BPRF's transmitter and antenna, SL is subject to BPRF's January 2007 protocol as to hourly charges and SL is obliged under the protocol to make certain insurance and foreign language certifications. SL is in breach of the protocol. BPRF has collaborated with SL as to use of BPRF's equipment.

Finally, BPRF has accepted SL's offer of the noon to midnight time slot in the timeshare agreement. The paperwork to submit that timeshare amendment for FCC approval has been on SL's desk since June 14, 2010.


SL, demonstrate your commitment to collaboration. SIGN THE PAPERWORK.

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Anonymous said...

This makes no sense. Why don't they just split it twelve hours each and move on.