Monday, July 2, 2012

Time-line for history teachers.

Summer break is here but it is not too soon to plan for next year.

An incredible free resource that all history teachers should consider is the current Citigroup Inc. annual report.  This 298 page report to shareholders covers the financial operations of this bank and its affiliates for calendar year 2011. 

This year, 2012, is the two hundredth anniversary of the chartering of City Bank of New York by the legislature of New York and the annual report also looks at the place in history of City Bank of New York

Citigroup Inc. is the corporate successor of the original City Bank, now with 200 million customers and financial operations in 160 countries and jurisdictions.  The report is a reminder that commerce, investment and finance all take place in a world of politics, diplomacy and war.

This annual report should be of interest to history teachers because it has a nine-fold time-line that follows the major banking events in the growth and expansion of City Bank of New York and relates the bank to major American and world historical events.

For example, the time-line informs us that the bank was chartered June 16, 1812, two days before U.S. President James Madison signed into law a Congressional vote that formalized the War of 1812 against Britain; and, that the next year, 1813, City Bank paid its first dividend to shareholders and also subscribed to war bonds to help the national government finance the War of 1812.

The history this annual report provides is rich with events that shaped America.  For example, in 1837, Moses Taylor joined the board of City Bank of New York.  Taylor was a merchant specializing in sugar trade with Cuba and Latin America.   Also during 1837, one of the periodic Wall Street financial panics erupted.

In 1894, the bank became the largest New York bank.  At the same time Thomas Edison was across the Hudson River constructing at movie studio in West Orange, New Jersey.

The time-line continues down to 2011 when the bank, and all its affiliates are known as “Citi” and it launches the Global Enterprise Payment Unit that permits the bank to serve customers with worldwide businesses.  And beyond the bank in that same year, the IBM  Watson computer beats the game champions on the television show “Jeopardy.”

The time-line highlights war and peace, scientific inventions, growth of the bank, financial panics and financial innovations.

To receive a copy of this annual report and the time-line of history, contact  Citi Document Services at 1-877-936-2737 (Outside the U.S. call 716-730-8055).

Your request can also be by email

You can also order the annual report by writing:

Citi Document Services
540 Crosspoint Parkway
Getzville, NY 14068

Teachers:  Request two copies of the current annual report covering calendar year 2011.  The time-line is printed front and back and if you want to display the full time line you need two copies so you have front and backside.

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