Monday, July 16, 2012

Bexley Consumer Price Index, 2d Quarter, 2012.

Laura Franks reports the Bexley Consumer Price Index, 2nd Quarter, 2012.

The Bexley CPI reports on the aggregate prices paid for a uniform basket of merchandise purchased at retail in Bexley and nearby retail stores.

The Bexley CPI measures the change of prices for typical retail purchases made by Bexley residents.

The Bexley Consumer Price Index can be compared to the price changes reported by the US Department of Labor.  The comparison can provide useful information for Bexley consumers about local price changes compared to price changes in other parts of the United States.

As of the second quarter, 2012 compared to the first quarter, 2012, Bexley prices showed no change to the aggregate cost of the uniform market basket.  An interesting note to the prices is that one item that was on sale during the first quarter, continues to be offered by the retailer as a sale item.  The unit size of the item has also decreased twice during the last year and a half.  Even controlling for changes in unit size prices remained steady during the second quarter.

With retail prices holding steady, life in Bexley is nice.

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