Saturday, May 25, 2013

After the Newtown, Connecticut outrage, more consideration of the value of a local armory for Bexley.

Does Bexley need a municipal armory?

The Bexley community should discuss a dangerous fact.  Most households in Bexley have at least one gun.

The purpose of a local armory would be to provide safe storage for privately owned fire arms, ammunition and other weapons.

In American history, there was a time when municipalities and counties erected local armories where weapons were stored and repaired. Ammunition was also kept safe and dry in the local armory.  Local citizens received training in military arts at the armory.  Regular drill with rifles and sidearms was provided at the municipal armory.

The local characteristic of armories changed in the twentieth century.  Local militias were superceded by state national guard units and also US Army Reserve units. 

Armories became part of the national defense infrastructure and any connection to local gun-ownership by citizens was forgotten.

If the city government provided an armory available for use by residents, the safety of the community would increase.  Residents who presently own guns and keep ammunition in their homes would have a convenient, safe choice for storage at the armory.  Parents who are reluctant to have guns in their homes because of the risk of death and injury would have a safe choice for storage of firearms out of their homes and away from their children.

Should a local armory be privately-owed or a public facility? Should it be located within the munipal boundaries or nearby.  Should an armory be near the police station?

Wherever its location, the armory should not have signs identifying its purpose.

If appropriate storage charges are posted, the armory can be self-supporting..

Anyone interested in being appointed the Bexley Municipal Armorer?


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