Friday, September 7, 2007

Bexley, Ohio. Solar Schools. Foundation for Environmental Education interviewed by WCRX-LP host Joe Contino.

WCRX-LP afternoon host Joe Contino interviewed the executive director of Foundation for Environmental Education, Glen Kizer.

Glen Kizer described a Solar Schools project that helps school districts in Ohio install solar panels on individual school buildings.

The program is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Ohio Department of Development and private funding sources.

Besides the foundation’s activities in Ohio, Kizer also described the foundation’s projects in California.

He said that the largest concentration of solar panels in the United States is in Northern California.

Kizer said that in Northern California there is a fortunate conjunction of all of the elements necessary for solar energy to become practical. He said the utilities in the area are familiar with the engineering requirements and support the development of solar power.

In Northern California, retail stores supply solar equipment. Banks and other lenders are familiar with the installations. There are skilled tradesmen and contractors who can efficiently install solar equipment.

And most importantly, consumers and local business executives in Northern California are knowledgeable about solar power.

The executive director of Foundation for Environmental Education said that Ohio is making progress in developing solar power but that the solar power infrastructure is in its infancy here.

Ohio utilities are generally supportive; banks are making progress in understanding about the solar industry and there is growing consumer interest. There are solar installation contractors and governmental support local and state agencies.

Program host Joe Contino described his own consideration of residential solar power.
Although he chose not to install solar power equipment at his residence, he is still interested in solar power and as the market develops said that he would continue to see it as an option.

Foundation for Environmental Education is an Ohio non-profit organization exempt from federal taxes under IRC 501(c)(3). Contributions to Foundation for Environmental Education are deductible from federal income tax for individuals who itemize their deductions.

The foundation has a blog at and a website at Email to the executive director at

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