Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Paul Peltier culture correspondent files dispatch with WCRX-LP

WCRX-LP received its first culture report from New Hampshire. Amy Maurer and John Manning were the morning hosts at the station.

Paul Peltier phoned in his dispatch from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

He described the arrival of autumn in New Hampshire.

He mentioned whale-watching in the area. Amy Maurer recounted her own autumn whale-watching experience. She advised warm clothes.

Paul then said that the night before he and his wife watched the full moon, a bright golden circle, rise over the harbor in the Piscataqua River.

Quickly changing the topic away from romance, he commented on a noticeable presence of Ohio State University and University of Michigan alumni in the Portsmouth area.

Paul said that travelers in New Hampshire can expect increase in tolls on the New Hampshire turnpike system. He said that the New Hampshire transportation commission was proposing toll increases on some roads from 50 cents to 75 cents and on other roads from fifty cents to a dollar. The higher tolls will be used to finance the repair and replacement of “red-listed” bridges on the New Hampshire turnpikes. Gov. John Lynch backs the planned increases.
Paul also described the local discussion about the presidential primaries.

States are jockeying for first position to capture the perceived advantages of being the earliest primary.

New Hampshire law authorizes the secretary of state to adjust the date of the New Hampshire primary to compete with other states that want to be the first primary.

Paul said that the advantages of an early primary can be seen from his office window,

Across the street from his office is a Barack Obama campaign office and up the street is the Hilary Clinton campaign headquarters.

Paul and his wife were greeted at a recent lunch by campaigning former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The advantages of a small state. If shaking a candidate’s hand is an advantage. If not, then it was just having your lunch interrupted by a politician.

Paul also reported on a local controversy about a public dock built on private land. An easement was missed. Paul said that it as a situation best described as “my kingdom for a good surveyor.”

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