Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Homer, Alaska. Joanna Tornes signs on as WCRX-LP culture correspondent.

September Alaska culture dispatch from Homer, Alaska.

WCRX-LP programming for today included a live dispatch from WCRX-LP Alaska culture correspondent Joanna Tornes.

Joanna Tornes discussed a local sustainability conference in Homer, Alaska and the art gallery walk scheduled for this weekend.

She also discussed the need for local passenger rail service to smaller Alaska communities such as Homer.

The Alaska culture correspondent was interviewed by WCRX-LP program host Joe Contino and Troy Paton.

Joanna Tornes is a Bexley native who has migrated to Alaska. She returns to Bexley regularly where she is a welcomed raconteur and chanteuse in many Bexley cultural salons.

Joanna Tornes is under contract with WCRX-LP 102.1 FM, Local Power Radio to provide regular monthly culture reports on cultural affairs and civic events in Homer, Alaska.

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