Thursday, August 7, 2008

Editorial Collective of WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM proposes compromise ordinance.

A Bexley resident has requested that Bexley City Council adopt an ordinance to ban protests outside his home.

The citizen has attracted anti-choice demonstrators and is concerned for his safety as well as his privacy.

Some of the protestors also are thought to be Bexley residents.

The city has declined the opportunity to legislate because of First Amendment limits on governmental authority.

At this point it looks like local government’s door has been slammed in one resident’s face.

The editorial collective has reflected on the situation and proposes a compromise ordinance that will protect First Amendment values, express the ethos of Bexley and defuse whatever tensions exist in the circumstances.

The core idea of the editorial collective proposal is that when any Bexley resident attracts demonstrators and protestors, the resident is required to provide refreshments and suitable facilities and accommodations for the public protestors.

City council can set the standards for refreshments, accommodations and facilities.

The standards for refreshments might be simple tap water, or perhaps tap water and ice.

But city council should give weight to existing Bexley community standards and consider requiring at a minimum that the resident provide ice and mineral water from Perrier, Gerolsteiner or San Pellegrino as suitable refreshments.

One advisor to the editorial collective said the standard should be champagne and French champagne at that.

The standards for facilities and accommodations established by city council should also reflect Bexley values.

Umbrellas should be available for inclement weather and lawn chairs provided so the protestors can rest.

This is Bexley after all and when Bexley residents disagree, we must do it politely.

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