Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bexley Consumer Price Index marks seven percent retail price decline.

Laura Franks reports surprising seven percent price decline in the Bexley Consumer Price Index for the third quarter.

Entering the third quarter of calendar year 2008, Bexley retail prices declined at the rate of seven percent (7%).

In the exclusive feature produced for Bexley Public Radio, Laura Franks made the surprising report in her Tuesday broadcast on 102.1 FM.

The Bexley Consumer Price Index reports on the aggregate prices paid for a uniform basket of merchandise purchased at retail from Bexley merchants and nearby retail stores.

The Bexley CPI measures the change of prices for typical retail purchases made by Bexley residents.

The Bexley CPI can be compared to the price changes reported by the Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. The comparison can provide useful information for Bexley consumers about local price changes compared to price changes in other parts of the United States.

The price data reported by Laura Franks on Tuesday surprised WCRX-LP staff and management and was not what they expected based on general news reports about the economy and the forecasts of media pundits.

As reported by Franks for the third quarter, 2008, Bexley retail prices for a standard market basket of purchases showed a seven percent (7%) decline compared to the second quarter, 2008.

Franks attributed this decline to special sale prices for back-to-school supplies that are included in the market basket. One item of school supplies was discounted an amazing eighty-three percent (83%) from its second quarter price.

Some items reflected pricing increases. Notably, two beverage items in the market basket recorded small price increases.

Personal hygiene items also showed modest price increases.

These price increases were slight compared to the significant discounting for stationery and school supplies.

The result of the steep discounting is that the quarter-to-quarter change in retail prices for Bexley is a seven percent (7%) price decline for the entire market basket.

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