Monday, August 18, 2008

Social work, Bexley-style.

The adult daughter of a Bexley resident was speaking regretfully to a member of the WCRX-LP editorial collective. The daughter said that her mother misses the early evening cocktail hour.

The daughter lives in a distant city, almost a third of the way around the world. The mother’s residence is in a Bexley neighborhood of double-income professionals who have nannies for their children.

The daughter said that she felt there was nothing she could do to restore this small but significant pleasure to her mother.

In a recent mother-daughter phone conversation, mother got wistful for the evening social life she enjoyed in Bexley. It began during Camelot, the few brief years of JFK, and continued through two maybe three subsequent decades.

At six o’clock. A Manhattan, a Scotch and soda. Sometimes a Tom Collins. A gin & tonic. Even an Old Fashion.

Cocktails for two. Sometimes two cocktails for two.

Then sometime, maybe during the Clinton administration, when no one was paying attention, the cocktail hour disappeared.

The mother still has fond memories of this simple pleasure but the daughter saw no practical way to restore the cocktail hour.

Enter the media. The daughter wonders if suitable cocktail companions might be in the WCRX-LP listening audience.

Daughter has offered one or two convivial Bexley residents a weekly tab at the Bexley Monk, Giuseppe’s, Rusty Bucket. The cocktails can be preceded by a stroll with her mother to these spots.

An occasional ride to the Top and Wings might also be in order.

Candidates may express their interest at the address listed below for Bexley Public Radio.

Minimum requirement is good manners. An appreciation of gossip, malicious and otherwise, will be considered.

A demonstrated record of wit, malicious especially, is a plus.


Anonymous said...

A stroll beforehand is definitely in order.

WCRX-LP Editorial collective said...

But afterward, a stroll through Bexley will be more pleasureable.