Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amy Maurer. Noontime Gardener. The edible plants of Bexley. Ziziphus or Jujube fruit.

Each year, Amy Maurer, the noontime gardener on Bexley Public Radio offers a weekly report on the development of an edible plant growing in Bexley.

This year, Amy followed the growth and development of the Ziziphus fruit. The Zizphus tree featured in Amy's report grows on Maryland Avenue Ave. in North Bexley.

Amy gathered and selected the ripe fruit during late November. Egle Weiland prepared and served the Ziziphus as part of a dried fruit stuffing in pork tenderloin for an entree. Egle also prepared the Ziziphus as a dessert for after the meal.

The dessert recipe is as follows:

Ziziphus Dessert Recipe:

This is a dessert made from Bexley grown Ziziphus fruit. The fruit is also called the Jujube fruit or the Chinese fig.

For about a cup or two of fruit dessert:

Cut open about two cups of Ziziphus fruit and remove the seed.

Juice of one lemon

Three Tbsp of brown sugar

Handful of raisins

Red wine, enough to soak fruit

Bake at 350 degrees until fruit is soft

Additional ingredients that can be added or substituted include dried or fresh fruit or nuts.

Can be served with ice cream, cheesecake, or served plain with whipped cream.

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