Saturday, December 20, 2008

MacKenzie Owens wins cake decoration contest. Dianne Garrett reports.

MacKenzie Owens with her gingerbread castle fashioned after "Candy Land".

MacKenzie Owens may only be a pint size seven year old, but she has a big creative spirit to go along with her holiday spirit. The Whitehall youth participated in this year's "Gingerbread House Competition" sponsored by Franklin Park Conservatory. Children up to 12 years old had to make a house from their favorite book, movie or game. MacKenzie chose "Candy Land", and built a beautiful castle of ice cream cones, gum drops, graham crackers and other yummy confections.

Other categories included family, adult and professional. Family had to do a replica of their home, adults had to do a garden structure, and professionals were nature inspired. There were over 40 entries, only one was professional, and that one received a small cash prize. All others were awarded a one year membership for their entire households to the conservatory for one year.

The sweet creations were judged on over all appearance, originality/creativity, difficulty, precision and consistency of theme. The outside of the structures had to be edible, and children were to do all the work themselves. MacKenzie and her mom spent a lot of time searching the for materials at the grocery store.

Some other designs included an igloo, tree trunk with a scene inside, log cabins and gardens.

MacKenzie is the daughter of Bayden Eastman and Dale Owens, and the granddaughter of Barb Penn and great-granddaughter of June Bare, who was ill and unable to be present for a photo. Congratulations, MacKenzie, on a job well done, and thanks for sharing it with WCRX.

Holidays at the Conservatory runs through January 4, 2009. Please see more information on this blog about Franklin Park Conservatory.

Seven year old MacKenzie Owens created this gingerbread castle, and won a year's membership to Franklin Park Conservatory for her entire household. Pictured left to right are her mother, Bayden Eastman, five year old brother, Mason Owens, and grandmother, Barb Penn. Great-grandmother, June Bare, also of Whitehall, was unable to be present.

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