Sunday, February 1, 2009

Opinion survey. Recent snow and Bexley municipal response.

Please answer these four questions and leave you comments. Please use the comment tab at the foot of this entry.

1. Are you a Bexley resident or a nonresident who regularly uses Bexley streets, roads or driveways?

2. For the snowfall during the last week of January, in your opinion was the Bexley response adequate? Use another adjective if appropriate.

3. In your opinion, were Bexley street conditions during that week better, comparable or worse than street conditions in east Columbus or Whitehall?

4. Did you suffer damage to your motor vehicle or other property because of the condition of Bexley streets, roads and driveways?

Questions by the Bexley Public Radio editorial collective.

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Anonymous said...

Bexley resident.
Conditions were fair. Not as good as in the past.
Somewhat better than other eastside areas.
Suffered some damage to car after sliding on a patch of road ice.

Anonymous said...

1. BEXLEY RESIDENT 2. Bexley response adequate? NO--IF SALT NOT AVAILABLE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE PLOWING 3. Bexley street conditions better, comparable or worse than street conditions in east Columbus or Whitehall? WORSE 4. Did you suffer damage NO

Steve said...

1. Bexley resident
2. Response was pathetic by the city, businesses, and residents. The roads were in horrible shape and the sidewalks were unusable in most areas.
3. I thought that the roads were comparable or worse and that is not acceptable for the amount of tax dollars we pay to live here.
4. No

Tracey Parsons said...

1. Bexley resident
2. Response - no. Completely disappointing response based on our tax rate and in light of recent article that Bexley purchased a lot of salt from Columbus at a cheaper rate. What were they waiting for?
3. Conditions in Bexley were worse than surrounding areas. I was also surprised that there was no plowing yesterday to clearn the slush before it froze again today. Pitiful
4. No damage suffered.

Anonymous said...

1. Bexley resident. 2. The plowing occurred very late, cut-throughs were completely blocked for Bryden Rd for several days. Roads stayed bad. 3. Bexley streets much worse, especially Roosevelt and Fair. 4. No damage to car.

Anonymous said...

Bexley resident
Conditions were OK - I thought there would have been a bit more plowing, but I guess they did the best they could
Better than other eastside areas because those residential streets receive little to no attention
No damage

Anonymous said...

1. Bexley Resident

2. Not adequate AT ALL...was very dissapointed with the city.

3. Bexley streets worse than other areas.

4. No

Anonymous said...

Bexley Resident >25 yrs

NO not at all

Why would I worry more about outside Bexley where I pay these high taxes?

No damage; just continuous frustration. Why not plow the side streets and alleys before the next ice/snow storm? What are we doing all day when our streets are dangerous to walk/drive on?
I have had it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bexley Resident -
2. Plowing could have definitely been better, but it seemed like this response was better than earlier storms of the season. Still seems like service has been worse than in years past.
3. Roads seemed to be noticeably better than adjacent Columbus and Whitehall streets.
4. No damage.