Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update. Opinion survey. Recent snow and Bexley municipal response.

Seven Bexley resident survey responses are available as comments at the Monday February 2 blog entry.

Please answer these four questions and leave your comments. Please use the comment tab at the foot of this entry.

1. Are you a Bexley resident or a nonresident who regularly uses Bexley streets, roads or driveways?

2. For the snowfall during the last week of January, in your opinion was the Bexley response adequate? Use another adjective if appropriate.

3. In your opinion, were Bexley street conditions during that week better, comparable or worse than street conditions in east Columbus or Whitehall?

4. Did you suffer damage to your motor vehicle or other property because of the condition of Bexley streets, roads and driveways?

Questions by the Bexley Public Radio editorial collective.

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1 comment:

customeradvo said...

1. Yes

2. Given the current economic challenges municipalities face and the harsh weather conditions when salt typically is not effective, I believe the response was adequate. When ice is present I prefer some snow for traction, if sand is not available.

3. Comparable

4. No