Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bexley High School graduate Tim Nassau, a sophomore at Brown University, is co-host of a Monday music program on the Brown University college radio. The station broadcasts at 88.1 FM in Providence RI and at on the internet.

Nassau interned at Bexley Public Radio and we follow his continued radio efforts.

Bexley Public Radio listeners can access this internet radio program by going to, clicking on "Archives," scrolling down to "The Schubert Report," then clicking on the date of the show. Finally, select one of the "Listen to the archive" choices.

The play-list for the most recent Schubert Report:

Tim and Matt celebrated their "triumphant return to the honeyed terrestrial signal" by playing songs about radio, songs composed with a radio, old stuff from the radio, and Sesame Street clips.
The artist, song, and album or other source are

The Beatles "Just a rumour" Live at the BBC

Yip Yip Aliens "Yip Yip Aliens Discover a Radio"

Classic Sesame Street

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra "Echoes of the Jungle on the Radio"

Vintage radio advertisers "Groves Nose Drops"

The world in music: Chinese Music Show

The world in music: Yellow Magic Orchestra

Radio junk (live at bottom line in n.y.) (1980)

Buck Rogers "Buck Rogers in the 25th century"

john cage Radio Music, 1956

Theater of Hits: South Pacific

Vintage radio advertisers Alka Seltzer Plop Plop Fizz Fizz vintage radio advertisements

Elvis Presley "Heartbreak Hotel" on the radio

The Beatles "From Fluff to You" (speech) Live at the BBC

Joy Division "Transmission" Live at the Factory

Bert and Ernie Radio Knob Classic Sesame Street

Vintage radio advertisers Ting Pimple Cream

Electric six "Radio Gaga" Senor Smoke

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1939-09-03 Fireside chats

The Bad Plus "Radio Cure" For all i care (with Wendy Lewis)

Hammond Organ Hammond Organ Radio Show

When Bexley Public Radio listeners have contributed enough money to pay BMI, ASCAP and SESAC for music copyright licenses, WCRX-LP will be able to rebroadcast Nassau's shows on air in Bexley.

Tim's co-host is Matthew Weiss.


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