Thursday, October 8, 2009

MSMIB: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes…. And Your Nose and Mouth, Clothes and House

"Smoke gets in your eyes and your nose and mouth, clothes and house."

Commentary by the Most Sensitive Man in Bexley, Simon Doer

No, this is not a tobacco smoking commentary. It is also unlikely to add to my popularity, however, it must be written as a matter of sensitivity to the rights of the few.

Fire pits and wood burning fireplaces have increased in popularity. Relatives and friends have them. Fire pits are gathering places. Marsh-mellow smore-making opportunities. Enablers for spending cool evenings outdoors.

Yet there is only limited commentary on their use in communities in the United States.

As the South Park song opines “Blame Canada.” Canadians appear to be on the cutting edge of some issues, including fire pits.

There are several web-based articles on complaints and proposed regulations of fire pits relating to the reactions of Canadian residents, where supposedly the northern air is vibrant and clear. See for example:

Apparently many of the complaints as well as proposals for regulation, fines and permits relate to the combustion of other than wood or materials such as painted wood. The Calgary Herald reported that complaints regarding fire pits increased from 217 in 2007 to 494 at August 2009 month-end.

The Calgary Director of bylaw services is quoted:

"It also might capture a growing impatience from some people about their health and the enjoyment of their home free from smoke intruding from the neighbours."

So, are fire pits and wood burning fireplaces an intrusion of the rights of your neighbors? Are they filling the air with smoke and impurities that may adversely affect your health as well as your neighbors?

Fire pits pose an interesting paradox as open burning of wood is typically not permitted within city limits, yet some of those same materials can be burned in an open fire pit.

While wood-burning fireplaces will continue to retain their allure as they have for generations, fire pits may or may not remain. Are they a fad similar to deep frying turkey in an oil filled cooker?
That is one sensitive man’s opinion. What is yours?

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Anonymous said...

Fried turkey. A "fad?" In the Southern states, fried turkey is part of the culture..