Sunday, November 1, 2009

Legislative update: Texting while driving prohibition progress.

Sharon Montgomery writes:

FYI, everyone:

Rep. Michael DeBose will give sponsor testimony on HB 261 (no DWT, 2ndary offense) and 262 (no DWP&T; 2ndary offense) to the House Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee at 9:30 a.m. Thurs. Nov. 5. Rep. Joseph Koziura will also give sponsor testimony on HB 266 (no DWP & T, primary offense) at that same hearing. Rep. Linda Bolon is the new chair of that committee (614-466-8022;

I will be there to hear what the committee says and asks and to show the committee my commitment to these bills.

I'm *guessing* Reps. Garland & Pillich will give sponsor testimony on HB 270 (no DWT, primary offense) at 9:30 on Thursday Nov. 12. Rep. Bolon planned to hold weekly hearings, starting Oct. 22, until the committee is caught up with the backlog of bills assigned to it since losing its chairman last spring, then hold meetings every other week. So, I'm *guessing* any hearings for proponents for any of these bills won't be any sooner than Thurs. Dec. 3, but I'm keeping all my Thursday mornings open.

Rep. Garland has been under the impression that her bill will become the lead bill so this Thursday's hearing *might* not be anything more than the one hearing required by House rules but it will still give us a feel for committee members' positions on the issue.

Sharon Montgomery

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