Saturday, August 11, 2012

Does Bexley need a bait store?

The municipal government is opening up Alum Creek to limited water sports.  With a grant from the Bexley Community Foundation the city will purchase eight kayaks for recreational use on Alum Creek.  The city has also received public money to provide access from public parklands to the waterway.

Creating easy access to Alum Creek will invite other boaters so Bexley residents can expect that Alum Creek will become a more lively public facility.

It is likely that the easier access to the creek will also invite fishermen to explore Alum Creek as a new fishing hole.  After the Alum Creek bike path was improved, fishermen joined bicyclists in using the Alum Creek as a public facility for enjoyment.

There is no bait shop in Bexley.

Going north and south from Bexley along the Alum Creek bike path for five miles in either direction you will not find a bait shop until Grove City ("Lee's Live Bait and Tackle" on London Groveport Road and Powell's "Scioto Bait and Grocery").

East from Bexley on Livingston Avenue, there is no bait shop until Pickerington's "Bassology Bait Company."

Going West, about three miles from Bexley, there is the venerable  "R & R Sports," a bait shop on South Front Street.

If Bexley opens a bait shop, "R & R" would be the nearest competitor.

Worms, crickets  and minnows, bamboo fishing poles, fishline and hooks.  A simple inventory.  Would that be enough to sustain a bait shop for Bexley?

Does Bexley need a fish bait shop?


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