Friday, August 31, 2012

Pelee Island weekend on North Shore Drive.

Pelee Island weekend on North Shore Drive.

At its western end of Pelee Island, North Shore Road. branches to become West Shore Drive and the road also continues straight ahead as a second branch to become Sheridan Point Road. 

Sheridan Point Road.  Yes, that branch is probably named after General Philip Sherman, Civil War leader. 

A small stone house stands with dignity on the lake shore at Sheridan Point.  Could the Civil War General have vacationed in this building?

Last week-end, Pelee Island was again a perfect destination.. Gentle breezes, beautiful sun during the daylight hours and at night, the moon-glow of a half-moon on the surface of the lake.

But, there was one episode, just a brief moment actually, when the political climate of modern life interfered with the old fashion charm of the island.

An obstruction stopped traffic on West Shore Drive and drivers were stopped or slowed to a crawl.  One bicyclist had dismounted and was walking his bike past the obstruction.

The obstruction?  A mixed group of adults and youths, perhaps fifteen or eighteen individuals,  sitting on the edge of the road; not the shoulder or berm, but the edge of the roadway where people drive their vehicles and ride their bikes.

A few, two or three, of the group were dressed in white robes.  Memories of chanting Hare Krishna beggers came to mind.  The rest of the settled group were in ordinary summer togs.

Most of the drivers and passengers reacted to the stupidity of the group with appropriate comments.  The best comment, not mine, was “these are Occupy Pelee protestors.”

Eventually, we started moving and progressed out of the traffic jam.  An OPP officer was driving to the problem. OPP is Ontario Provincial Police.

By the time we returned to the protest ground zero, the safety hazards were gone.

Idyllic life on Pelee Island was restored.

North Shoe Road is the preferred address on Pelee Island.  Glorious sunsets.  Gentle breezes.  Friendly neighbors.  Indulgent hosts.

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