Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night sounds.

Night sounds. 

Some of these are audible in Bexley.  Some German Village.  Some Lake Erie.  Some elsewhere.  They are all distinctive as night sounds compared to the same sound heard in the daytime.  Did I miss any?  Let me know with a comment at the bottom of this entry.

Morning paper hitting the front door.

Freight train horn..

Ship’s fog horn.  Fog horn on shore-side facility.

Church bell ringing the hours.  How late in the night, how early in the morning?

Interstate highway traffic.

The dependable 5:55 a.m. automobile.  I always imagined that the driver was the police department dispatcher going to headquarters for the beginning of his shift.  When the new police department was built in North Bexley, the 5:55 a.m. driver continued his regular route.  I still wonder who he is and what he does.  I stopped using an alarm because of him.

Fireworks and firecrackers.


The rustling of leaves in a gentle summer breeze.

Thunder and lightening.

Wind tunnel at airport.

Races at Columbus Motor Speedway.

Clippers at their old stadium.

Rock ‘n roll  concerts at Byers amphitheater.

Marching bands.

Food supply semi-trucks delivering to Guiseppe’s.

Police helicopters.

A solitary propeller-driven airplane.


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Anonymous said...

At night, you never hear the sounds of toddlers frolicking. They are fast asleep in bed.

At night you do hear the cries of infants teething.