Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bexley Public Radio silenced by careless contractor.

Regular programming on Bexley Public Radio was interrupted by technical problems Thursday. The problems continued and there was no transmission Friday.

102.1 FM is not broadcasting because a third-party contractor's work on a DSL line is interferring with our DSL connection.

Technicians are working on a solution.

As of Saturday noon, the problem continues.

Friday programs that were recorded for broadcast when the technical problem is corrected.

The recorded programming includes:

Toria Schalinski interview. Toria is a student at Capital University, who was a volunteer driver in the presidential motorcade in Columbus on Friday March 6.

Interview with team members of the Bexley High School ITK team. Their coach Mark Nolan also discussed the chambioship team.

Our thanks to Mike Leahy, Mad Marketeer, Wales UK and for the photo.

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