Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In memoriam: Terry Pugh, Friday Show host.

Bexley Public Radio is saddened to note the death of Terry Pugh, host of the Friday Show.

Terry's Friday Show was a calm two hour program that offered culture. literature, sports and understated wit to listeners. During 2008, he provided listeners with golf notes, reflections on literature and writers such as Ernest Hemingway and harness racing.

Terry followed the progress of a two year old filly through the 2008 racing season. The filly was owned by Ron Bates of Amanda, Ohio and Terry and Ron regularly discussed the horse, the different race tracks and the weather experienced during a race.

That filly, Rose Run Keepsake, turned out to be the national champion for the year. Terry recognized quality and always chose the best.

Terry Pugh hosted the Friday Show as a volunteer. He had a distinctive voice that listeners recognnized. Soft, quiet and calm. Some listeners thought that Terry should host a late night jazz show. Others wanted him to add news to his offerings because his voice carried reassuring authority.

Beside Terry's work at Bexley Public Radio, he was well-known and respected in the central Ohio counseling profession. He both counseled and lectured on counseling at the Woods at Parkside in Gahanna. The lecture hall at Parkside has been named the Terry Pugh Lecture Hall.

Prior to his career in counseling, Terry practice as an attorney for thirty years. He was a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Law.

He closed each Friday Show with the gentle admonition "Live well, laugh often and love much."

He is survived by his widow Shirley Pugh, two daughters, three step children and eight grandchildren.

Memorial gifts can directed to Ohio Health Foundation (HomeReach Foundation), 180 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 or The American Cancer Society, 870 Michigan Ave., Columbus, OH 43215.

During the remainder of February and March, the station microphones at Bexley Public Radio will be draped in black ribbons as a commemoration of Terry Pugh's high standards for broadcast radio.

Terry Pugh is missed at Bexley Public Radio.

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