Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beatrice Weiland. A winter culture report from Brooklyn.

So last Sunday night in Brooklyn we had a snow storm. Eight inches fell that night.

Before the snow fell, people were preparing for the snow by salting their sidewalks.

A local war on nature. Preparation for winter combat.

The real winter combat would begin when all of the anticipated snow fell and would need to be removed.

The opening salvo of that war began Sunday night.

Let me say on behalf of New Yorkers, they really know how to shovel snow. Every sidewalk, every stoop and every outside entrance stairway was shoveled clean.

Every. Single. Sidewalk. Every. Single. Step. What a city of great people.

At Pratt Institute it was not just the sidewalks along the streets but the entire campus. The sidewalks and stairways to the apartment buildings surrounding the campus were spotless.

It reminded me of you since you take your Bexley winter shoveling so seriously.

If you think Bexley residents are efficient with their snow removal, I was thoroughly impressed by the way it was handled here in Brooklyn.

Even you could learn a lesson from the people in Brooklyn.

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