Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laura Franks releases her Bexley Consumer Price Index report. Retail prices are stable.

March 5, 2009. Laura Franks reported today that retail prices in Bexley , Ohio are "stable."

In her quarterly report prepared for Bexley Public Radio, Laura said that prices for the 1st quarter 2009 compared to 4th quarter 2008 are essentially unchanged. She noted that the small change of 0.62 percent is identical to the slight decline of 0.62 percent reported for the 1st quarter, 2008.

Based on the prices in her uniform market-basket of purchases, she said that as a practical matter, there is no change in the price level for Bexley consumers. Prices are stable.

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I heard your report on radio. Thanks. Helpful to know.

Keep it up and go girl.