Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bexley girls soccer team wins game against West Jefferson girls.

The evening was damp and cool, a beautiful night for autumn sports.

Final score was Bexley thirteen to West Jefferson zero. The West Jefferson team made an understandable showing. Not particularly enthusiastic but still understandable.

Against itself, the Bexley team was evenly matched.

If the Bexley squad had been divided into two teams for the evening, the final score would have been seven to six. Or possibly six to seven. What a game that would have been.

And either way it would have been the worst game ever for Bexley's goalie K T Sarvus. A night to remember. A devastating night to remember for K T.

But none of that was the game that was this evening. The real game was Bexley girls thirteen. West Jefferson girls zero.

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