Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bexley, Ohio. Bexley artist Linda Burns awarded top honors by WCRX-LP editorial collective for Mayor Madison retirement sculpture.

Mayor David Madison is retiring in 2008. A distinguished career of public service ends after thirty two years.

Mayor Madison’s retirement year is also Bexley’s centennial year.

Somehow we have forgotten the Mayor in our discussions of how to commemorate the city’s anniversary.

The question that we should be asking is “What is an appropriate gift to commemorate Mayor Madison’s tenure as our city mayor.”

The gift that the WCRX-LP editorial collective chooses is a public sculpture of Mayor Madison.

The community should commission a grand sculpture of the man.

Not something like the prosaic bronze memorial to the late Governor Rhodes in downtown Columbus, a life size representation of the Governor walking with a brief case.

The work of art appropriate to Mayor Madison should be of heroic proportions.

Thirty two years is a long time to serve the Bexley public. That alone is an heroic endeavor successfully endured by this remarkable man. We are a handsome people in Bexley; we are cheerful, friendly and generous but we can be very demanding of our public servants and their time.

The sculpture of Mayor Madison should be at least twice life size.

The Mayor should be on a horse. A rearing horse.

And the Mayor should be represented in a manly posture with an unsheathed sword in his right hand.

And his face should have the stern look of authority like when he laid down the law to the Bexley girls soccer team and their parents last year.

Mayor Madison has been a very important part of keeping Bexley an easy place to live, a comfortable place to raise a family and a living place of beauty.

But who among us should sculpt this memorial work of art?

The WCRX-LP editorial collective knows of only two well-known sculptors in the Bexley area.

Alfred Tibor and Linda Burns.

Tibor is well-represented in Bexley, both in many public spaces and in even more private homes.

Tibor is almost the sculptor laureate of Bexley.

Tibor’s public sculpture can be viewed at Trinity Lutheran Seminary and the Ohio governor’s mansion in North Bexley.

Also in Bexley is Tibor’s recent work at Congregation Agudas Achim.

Tibor’s works are important views of significant events. But they are dolorous and introspective.

Not like the happy and inspiring incumbency of Mayor Madison.

Sculptress Linda Burns does not have any public works in Bexley.

Her sculpture appears in private homes.

Her pieces are strong and gentle. They are easy to feel and show us perfection.

Burn’s art informs us that we can touch perfection if only we will reach for it.

And isn’t that the message of Bexley that Mayor Madison represents?

After discussion, the question was called by the WCRX-LP editorial collective and the vote for the appropriate sculptor to commemorate Mayor Madison’s tenure goes to Bexley resident Linda Burns.

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