Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bexley, Ohio. WCRX-LP’s Amy Maurer interviews professional rain-catcher Jonathan Meier on her “Noontime Gardener” Show.

Amy Maurer’s guest on her October 9 show was Jonathan Meier a professional rain-catcher.

Meier provides homeowners and renters with the ability to collect rainwater for use on lawns and gardens.

Meier and his business partner reconfigure used fifty-five gallon food-grade plastic drums from the food industry and transform them into barrels for collecting rain water.

When it rains, roof run-off usually empties into storm sewers and escapes into the rivers and streams.

The run-off water completely misses the lawns and gardens that need it. Meier helps people save this rainwater and put it to good use.

One rain shower can fill a barrel, then keep the water available for use on a lawn and garden.

Meier and his business partner have been in business since July. They operate as Rain Brothers.

The product that they sell is the reconfigured barrels and the barrels will be delivered to Columbus customers. Beginning next Spring delivery will be on bicycles specially equiped to carry the fifty-five gallon drums.

The sight of these young men bicycling with fifty-five gallon drums pulled behind their bicycles is all of the advertising that these two budding entrepreneurs will need.

Amy didn’t ask whether the barrels will have a distinctive logo displayed on them.

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Copyright 2007. Amy Maurer, Bexley, Ohio.

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