Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bexley, Ohio. Bexley girls soccer wins against Bishop Hartley.

Beautiful autumn Saturday afternoon at Bexley stadium. Crisp temperature and overcast sky.

The only remarkable thing about the first half was a constant stream of substitutions from the Bishop Hartley bench. Bexley fans said the coach was using substitutions to run the clock down hoping for zero-zero tie followed by a shoot-out finish.

Accompanying the steady stream of substitutions on the field, the Bishop Hartley fans provided the cricket chatter of novelty noisemakers. A Bexley fan says the noisemakers are “clackers.”

Despite the Bishop Hartley clackers, score at the half is still zero-zero.

The second half begins.

Bexley parent Dave Banks notes that forty-seven seconds into the second half, the Bishop Hartley coach sends in his first substitution. More of the same.

In rapid succession, the Bexley girls get two goals. The remainder of the contest is scoreless. The teams are well matched and struggle for goals to no avail.

At one minute forty six seconds to go in the match, the Bishop Hartley clackers go silent.

Final score Bexley girls two, Bishop Hartley zero.

An afterthought. With this win, the Bexley girls team takes the district championship.

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