Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Homer, Alaska. WCRX-LP Alaska culture correspondent Joanna Tornes victim of earthquake.

Joanna Tornes opened her monthly culture dispatch from Alaska with a startling announcement.

Tornes had been awakened this morning by earthquake tremors. She was quick to reassure listeners that she had suffered no physical harm or property damage. She also estimated the strength to be in the range of four or five on the Richter scale. “Insignifcant” she reassured listeners.

Tornes said that the big local story is the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby. The top halibut caught this year weighed 360 pounds and the victory-fish was captured by a non-resident.

It is always a disappointment for the Homer community when one of their own fishermen is not the Derby victor.

The Derby winner is Clayton McDowell of Eagle River, Alaska.

McDowell takes home a Derby jackpot of $48,675.

Joanna Tornes then informed listeners that it is election week in Homer, Alaska.

Voters in the City of Homer are waiting for results for two city council seats out of a field of five candidates.

A ballot question will also be decided whether to raise the sales tax one quarter of one percent for capital improvements to recreational facilities and the development of a proposed town plaza and city hall.

There are three borough-wide issues on the ballot: a proposed cap on the senior citizens' property tax exemption to $300,000 of assessed value but to also provide an exemption for hardship cases. Another proposal will place term limits for serving in the assembly; and a third proposal will place term limits on the school board. In both proposals, the limitations are two consecutive terms.

There are also service area board seats on the ballot.

The broadcast day ended too quickly and the WCRX-LP culture correspondent agreed to call in a special supplement next Wednesday October 10 during the noon to 1:00 p.m. program segment.

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