Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winners announced for 2009 "Best of Bexley" tomato contest.

The cash prize winners in the 2009 Amy Maurer "Best of Bexley" Tomato Contest were announced today.

Two hundred dollars in prize money was split among four winners.

First and second place winner in the general gardening category are:

First place goes to Jacob Martin. Jacob is a kindergarten student at Montrose Elementary School. He is the grandson of Mary Zeier. Jacob raised his prize-winning tomato in his grandmother’s garden. His prize is one hundred dollars.

"Jacob has an innate sense when it comes to plants and gardening. It is unusual to see such a ‘green thumb’ in someone so young and it is wonderful that his Grandparents have given him the opportunity to explore his gift" says Amy Maurer.

Second place is taken by Ann Geldis with a sixty dollar prize. Ann is a first time tomato grower who plans to continue growing tomatoes next year. She recently retired from teaching and we hope that gardening will become an enjoyable pastime for her and her new granddaughter. She is also a regular listener to Bexley Pubic Radio.

Ann Geldis and Jacob Martin both grew tremendous tomato plants without the aid of commercial fertilizers or pesticides. They were so good in fact, that a local groundhog became a regular visitor to Ann’s garden and managed to make off with a considerable number of the fruits.

Winner in the novice category is Ann Greenball. Ann is a resident of Worthington and has never entered a tomato contest before. She grew her tomatoes in a barrel. Her prize is twenty-five dollars.

Winner for the conceptual gardener category is Jim Risenberger. Jim is an artist whose work is regularly displayed at Bexley’s Art Access Gallery. He receives a fifteen dollar prize.

Judging was conducted by Amy Maurer (left) and Remo Stirpe.

Amy is hostess of the Noontime Gardener Show on Bexley Public Radio, WCRX-LP, 102.1 FM.

The show is presented each Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 a.m. to noon.

Remo Stirpe is general manager of Bexley Monk.

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