Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bexley Public Radio senior correspondent John Matuszak accepts job with Michigan's Herald-Palladium.

Bexley Public Radio senior correspondent John Matuszak has accepted a reporting and editorial job with a Michigan community newspaper. The newspaper is the Herald-Palladium and it reports news for St. Joseph, Michigan.

The city of St. Joseph is a summer lakeside resort in the southwest corner of the state, 90 miles from Chicago and 30 miles from South Bend, Ind.

Bexley Public Radio has requested John to send us dispatches on sailing regattas and other festivals in the St. Joseph area.

John has a fifteen year career reporting on Bexley and Eastside Columbus suburbs. His knowledge of Bexley's civic history gave value to his readers. John's insatiable interest in culture can be seen in any catalogue of his stories but his especial reporting interest was in the written word.

During the span of his career reporting about Bexley, John developed friendships with the writers who call Bexley their home. Some of John's literary friends grew up in Bexley; others have made Bexley their new home. If they were writers, John would find them and write about them.

John's work with Bexley Public Radio followed the same subjects as his written reports: culture and civic affairs. Every Wednesday, together with his long-time reporting colleague Dianne Garrett, John hosted Bexley Public Radio's "Eastside News Round-up." John regularly covered Bexley city hall and city council. Cultural events at Eastside venues were also part of his regular beat. John's trademark black round frame eyeglasses were familiar in city hall and local art galleries.

John found some delight in his Wednesday reporting on city hall events a day before his print competitors whose deadlines were Thursday. John reported the news on air a full twenty-four hours before his print competitors.

The value of having a career journalist at Bexley Public Radio included John's depth of community knowledge brought to each reporting task.

Bexley Public Radio senior correspondent John Matuszak interviews interim Bexley library director Sue Studebaker.

In the week prior to last November election, John produced a special five-day program broadcast from the Bexley Public Library. The library had a proposal for an increased property tax and John wanted to demonstrate the importance of the library to the local community. John and Dianne Garrett hosted the five-day long broadcast from the library's browsing room. Some guests were interviewed, others read favorite poems and passages from books. Authors, students, local faculty and teachers were guests and performers.

The levy passed with a seventy-four percent favorable vote. Local pols say that this is the highest favorable vote for a money issue in the Ohio's history. John, with his usual irony, said he is happy to take credit for the successful vote.

Bexley Public Radio congratulates John on his new undertaking and we wish him well.

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