Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review of Lent Friday fish fries, winter weather and Bexley pizza price- wars for Bexley Public Radio.

Last Friday was the first Friday in Lent. And so, we started the "Lenten Friday Dining Season" at my wife's home parish (St. Catharine). We went with a neighbor, Connie Schalinske, who is a member of the local Episcopal parish at St. Alban's. Also in our group were Tom and Margaret Lyons and Betsy Butler who are all members of St. Catharine parish. I attend Christ Lutheran. Betsy's son Joe Miesse and his girl friend Sachia Jones, also sat with us

The winter weather was discouraging but not brutal. We arrived about 6:00 and there was space in the parking lot for us. Inside there was a line of six people to pay and no line at the serving table. Table space was easily available. The dinner was of excellent quality and the service was friendly and efficient. Perch filet was offered either fried or baked; the servers offered both fried and baked fish for those who wanted to sample each.

Grilled cheese sandwiches were also offered. The cole slaw was traditional, slightly sweet. French fries were hot and the fries were gumbo cuts. Nothing unusual in the condiments. A respectable tartar sauce, Hunts catsup and Heinz malt vinegar.

Drinks were ice water and what was probably a pink lemonade from a mix of some sort. Beer was available for $2.00 a bottle. Children liked the pink drink but to my taste it was too artificial to be a treat. One of the beers (the name escapes me at the moment) was slightly dark and had a fruity flavor. Curious but pleasant. Though it's not something I would buy again.

Dinner price for each adult was $8.00. A tasty, enjoyable dining experience for a reasonable price. St. Catharine serves this fish dinner every other Friday night during the Lenten season. Next fish fry at St. Catharine parish is Friday, March 5, 2010.

This Friday we planned to drive to Immaculate Conception parish on East North Broadway in Clintonville. We planned to leave for Clintonville after we attended an art opening at Art Access on S. Drexel Avenue in Bexley. The drive to Immaculate Conception was scheduled to depart at 6:30 from Bexley. Same group of friends as the previous Friday plus the addition of Mark and Debbie Stewart of Christ Lutheran Church.

The weather was inhospitable all Friday. A wet snow that formed ice on sidewalks and streets. I began to think a drive to Clintonvillle would not be prudent because of slippery streets. Tom and Margaret Lyons walked with me to Art Access. The sidewalk and street surface of Drexel Avenue were icy. But the walk to Art Access is a block and a half so we persevered. On the walk to the art gallery, none of us slipped or fell.

On the return home I slipped twice but did not fall.

When the Lyons and I returned to the house, the answering machine light was blinking. Cancellations. Only Tom, Margaret and I were left as possible fish fry diners. We talked about slippery roads and the needless risk of trying to make the the trip to Immaculate Conception. In the end the votes were "stay in Bexley and have a pizza." We called Anthony's Pizza and Subs and ordered a large pizza, half sausage and half green pepper and onion.

The bill for the pizza was eight dollars.

Eight dollars? That struck me as pretty cheap. Tom said that there is a price war among Bexley pizza houses.

After picking up the pizza twenty minutes later, we opened a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from Chile. Pepperwood Grove is the name of the vineyard.

Is there a pizza topping appropriate for Lent? Perhaps cheese only or cheese and anchovies? Monday, I'll ask a Bexley Public Radio reporter to investigate and report on the pizza price war.

This is a note from the WCRX-LP editorial collective.

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