Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two films noted in the 2010 Columbus Jewish Film Festival.

Two documentary films of note in the Columbus Jewish Film Festival:

The Jazz Baroness, about jazz composer and pianist, Thelonious Monk, and a benefactor, Nica Rothschild.

This documentary is a glimpse of a poignant moment in American culture. The film also offers "snap shots" of a friendship between a Holocaust survivor and an American jazz musician. Sadly, the film can only document the decline of Thelonious but the importance of the friendship with Nica in his life is obvious.

Menachim and Fred is the story of two brothers separated at the end of WWII. At the end of the war, Fred, age 16, makes his way to America, receives an education and has an engineering career.

Menachem, age 13, makes his way to Palestine and continues his Jewish life. He becomes a college professor in Israel.

The documentary records the complexity of family relations, made even more intricate by war and the shadow of the Holocaust.

Fred Raymes (second from left in photo) presented the story of his reunion with his brother, Menachim Mayer, after 60 years of separation, to the audience at the Columbus Jewish Film Festival’s “Docs and Bagels” day of documentary films on March 14.

Flanking Raymes in the photo above are Film Festival Co-Chairs June Frankel (left) and Carole Genshaft (right), along with Film Festival Director Emily Schuss (far right).

The Columbus Jewish Film Festival will present its full line-up of international films on Nov. 7-9 and Nov. 14-16. For more information, visit the Columbus Jewish Film Festival website at, or call (614) 559-6205.

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