Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bexley library board set to name new director. Report by John Matuszak for Bexley Public Radio.

The Bexley Library Board of Trustees is expected to appoint the new director of the institution at a meeting to be held Dec. 17.

The name of the individual is not being released until the official announcement is made, according to Susan Studebaker, the library's interim director.

The director is a Bexley resident with previous experience running a library.

Studebaker has been serving as interim director since the retirement of longtime director Robert Stafford in August. During her brief tenure, Studebaker worked with the trustees and a levy campaign committee to pass a tax issue that offsets some of the cuts in state funding.

The new director will take over a library on better financial footing due to the additional local tax money. Along with maintaining current staffing and hours, the library will be able to bolster its new materials purchases, add a teen lounge and offer wireless Internet access, among other improvements.

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